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Djeynee – ITS Unmata Certified Teacher

Djeynee - ITS Unmata Certified Teacher
I started tribal bellydance in 2005 and since then traveled the world to learn from my most inspirational sources. Since 2007 until 2015, I was learning ITS from Amy Sigil, being able to start teaching it in France in 2009. Tribal Bellydance gave me the incredible opportunity to travel the world to meet this amazing community, being invited to perform, teach and produce international events. Since then, gathering with the community, building the community around me, connecting people, sharing the stage with my ITS family were the reason why I was Djeynee.
Since 2016, I’m stepping away from dance. My life takes a new path and I’m happy about that.
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  Cover image - Hair and Makeup artist: Melina G.