Francesca Pedretti insegnante di Tribal Fusion Tribal Bellydance Emozionale®, Francesca Pedretti OneTribal Community teacher, Francesca Pedretti Tribal Fusion & Tribal Bellydance Emozionale ® Teacher, Milano Via Morbelli 7 Milano Italy

Francesca Pedretti – Tribal Bellydance Emozionale ® Teacher

Francesca Pedretti -  Tribal Bellydance Emozionale® Teacher I met Eastern dance in '96 in Milan studying with A. Went, J. Zaki and Aziza Abdul Ridha, Big and known artists in Italy and explored different styles and languages of oriental dance through workshops with international teachers. In 2004, I actively contributed to the spread in my country of new kinds of Bellydance arrived from the United States: tribal style, ATS and fusion, ws intensive studying in Germany, and later in Italy. In particular, I attended some ws with Paulette Rees-Denis (Gypsy Caravan), Wendy Allen and Carolina Nericcio (FCBD), with Rachel Brice, Geneva Bybee, Darshan, Urban Tribal, Jill Parker, Kamy Little, Anasma Vuong. I Founded in 2005, the Company Les Soeurs Tribales, for which I was the artistic director until 2009. In July '09 I got one level in the Suhaila Salimpour format. I started my career in theater and dance under the guidance of teachers like Cristina Sforzini, Miriam Szabo (Duende dance), Heather Stants, Anasma Vuong, my artistic interest has focused on the scope theater, so I separated by the Company at the end of 2009, due to artistic differences, and I started my new company "De Nova Luce ®", with which continuously create my path, between theater and dance. From all the meetings and the Loa my research represented in the new style of my dance, what I have called Tribal Bellydance Emozionale ®. In July 2011 I participate in the "Theatrical Bellydance Conference" New York City, where I meet artists interested in dance theatrical aspect. Within a year I prepared and directed the show CORPOACORPO, with De Nova Luce presenting my work in prestigious international festival in Italy (Milan, Rome, Genoa, Venice, Ancona, Viareggio) and abroad, in Spain and Paris, and in February 2011 I created the event Tribal & Bellydance Academy: in particular the 2012 and 2013 have been a great success. In May 2013 I’m winner about the competition to be part of the prestigious cast of the show Bellydance Evolution, ”The dark side of the crown”, directed by Jillina Carlano, for the tour Austria - Greece - Italy. Also I perform as a soloist since winning the People's Choice. In 2014 I created the 'event The Divine Comedy: This show is currently on tour in Italy, and was presented in March 2015 in New York. To date I continue my education by studying Theatre (Stanislavsky method) at a professional level with Marianna Esposito and Raul Manso, and Theatre Dance with Marcella Fanzaga. Currently I teach at the school dance Metiss'Art, in its different locations, weekly, since 2005 I would like formations in many Italian cities, and are host to festivals in Europe. Tribal Bellydance Emozionale® The creation of choreographic sequences alternating with individual work of improvisation and interpretation from different stimuli: the gesture that becomes subject to explore the narrative of emotion that translates into shape. The cut that characterizes our work draws from the world of theater, the dance theater, blending these influences with elements familiar to oriental dance, the product that is flowing Tribal Bellydance Emozionale ®. The form of oriental dance is the foundation that unites my dancers that unites people who study with me, both in the workshop as well as in weekly lessons and on this basis we build new forms that evolve and alternate with consolidated elements, creating choreographic structures very expressive and always different, because it unique and unrepeatable.
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