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Heather Shoopman Heavy Metal Tribal – Tribal Fusion Teacher

Heather Shoopman Heavy Metal Tribal - Tribal Fusion Teacher
Heather Shoopman hails from Oklahoma, USA where she grew up dancing everything from hip hop to country western. Over a decade ago she fell into bellydance and began studying the many varieties within folkloric, cabaret and tribal. In addition she has an extensive background in theatre which reflects a strong, unique, zany style. She teaches and performs regularly in LA both solo and with tribal improvisation collective Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal Tribal does bellydance group improvisation. Dancers Azza, Shauntel and Shoop came into collaboration with a variety of influences from the bellydance world, including the improv languages of Fat Chance Bellydance®, Black Sheep, Evil Eye, Gypsy Caravan, She'enedra and Hot Pot. They have each studied various bellydance styles with master teachers, as well as other types of movement ranging from boxing to square dancing. The result is a unique, exciting blend of improv that honors the form while breathing new life into it. Heavy Metal teaches their format of group improvisation, as well as encouraging others to create their own nuances within the language. https://www.facebook.com/HeavyMetalTribal Heather maintains a private practice in the healing arts of massage, Reiki, meditation and yoga. The healing work combines with her theatre background to create a nurturing, challenging, fun environment in which to learn and expand. Her solo teachings range from various technique and drill classes, themed choreography (classes perform monthly in LA), storytelling in dance, character creation, the importance of play, and using dancing as a healing art form for emotional growth. Her fusion is adding authentic voice and vision to your dance. Heather is also a co founder of Belly Fusion Los Angeles~BFLA, a professional collaborative focused on public awareness of fusion belly dance as an art form. www.bellyfusionla.com   Contact E-mail: dancewithshoop@gmail.com  Official Website: http://heathershoopman.com/ Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/hdshoop