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Isabel De Lorenzo – ATS® Teacher and FCBD® Sister Studio®

Isabel De Lorenzo - ATS® Teacher and FCBD® Sister Studio® Brazilian born dancer based in Rome since 1998, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Literature (University of São Paulo, 1993). Co-founder of the prestigious San Lo’ dance studio in Rome (www.sanlo.it); organizer of the Roma Tribal Meeting (www.romatribal.com); director of the American Tribal Style® Belly Dance troupe Carovana Tribale, Sister Studio of Fat Chance Belly Dance® (www.facebook.com/CarovanaTribale); member of the ATS Sisters Collective (www.facebook.com/ATSSitersCollective). Teacher and performer in numerous dance festivals and events in Italy and abroad. Collaborator with many theatre and dance companies with "Frida Suite" being her most recent stage production. Some important international teaching and performing experiences: - Orientaldance.fi, Finland 2009 - Tribal Tour, Brazil 2010 - Gypsy Dance Fest, Spain 2010 - The New York Theatrical Belly Dance Conference, USA 2013 - BellyFusions Festival, France 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 - Hannover Tribal Fest, Germany, 2014 - Roma Tribal Meeting, Italy 2010-2015
      Contact E-mail: info@isabeldelorenzo.net