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Laura Luna Tribal Fusion Teacher

Laura Luna - Tribal Fusion Teacher I am a Tribal Fusion artist, teacher and event organizer based near Helsinki, Southern Finland. I started belly dancing (Egyptian modern and folk style) as a hobby in 2001. My formal education is in the visual arts, I graduated from Pekka Halosen Akatemia in 2005 majoring in painting. I have worked many years as an artist and an artisan, painting, setting up exhibitions, crafting unique jewellery, clothing and accessories and selling them in markets and festivals. I danced continually with the same teacher, Nonna Viemerö, until 2010 when she took a break from belly dance and I discovered Tribal Fusion. More precisely, I found Rachel Brice in Youtube. And that was it, belly dance became my first priority. I do still make stuff too, but costuming takes most of my crafting time now. I have been travelling abroad for classes since 2011, and in that same year I started performing solo and teaching. During this time I have had the pleasure to learn from many amazing dancers, such as Mira Betz, Samantha Emanuel, April Rose, Anasma, Zoe Jakes, Violet Scrap and Kami Liddle. My dream to learn from Rachel Brice in person was first fulfilled, when I took workshops with her in 2011, and later on I have studied - and continue studying 8 Elements in Portland. I am at the moment certified phase 2 Cultivate and am studying for phase 3 Culmination in October 2015. I have learned and performed ATS on the side, and sometimes I put together free ATS jams just for fun in my home studio. I have also studied some Indian dances, a little Kathak and Khalbelya. Currently I teach Tribal Fusion in three places, Helsinki, Vantaa and Järvenpää, which is my home town. I am the choreographer and artistic director of my performing student group Kaira Tribe in Helsinki. We perform regularly in local events and also internationally. I started organizing events in 2012, when I co-produced the first Tribal style-focused show in Finland, "Tribal Salon" with Anna Artemenkova. From there I went to organizing my own event "Tribal Summer Camp", that has been going on since 2013. In this festival I have hosted Yahna from Estonia, Gita Vinlander and Pernilla Sund from Sweden, and Rustiqua from Slovakia. This year our teachers are Josefine Wandel from Germany and Alexis Southall from UK. Besides TSC I have hosted Deb Rubin for an intensive in 2013. All of these events have also included a show, "Underground Cabaret".
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