Laura of Sarasvati Tribal - Tribal Fusion Teacher
Laura is troupe leader, chief choreographer and artistic director of Sarasvati Tribal, a troupe of 4 dancers from across Scotland. Bellydancing since 2000, Laura’s love of Tribal Fusion was sparked in 2004 when she witnessed a live performance from the Bellydance Superstars’ first UK tour, featuring The Indigo Bellydance Company. Laura was entranced by the precision, presence and poise of Tribal Fusion, and ever since has studied the genre intently. In 2005, Laura founded Sarasvati Tribal, along with another local dancer, Ali Kilgour. The line up of the troupe has evolved over the years to the current membership today of Ali, Stef Scott, and Kelly Gardner. After several years of teaching Egyptian-style bellydance, in 2005 Laura began teaching Tribal Fusion workshops at various locations across Scotland, quickly developing a reputation as one of the best teachers in the UK in the genre. Laura’s workshops and classes are known for their hard work, for sharing insights, history and knowledge of the genre, as well as for their fun and laughter! She also teaches weekly Tribal Fusion classes in Glasgow (see here for info), and her student troupe, Lakshmi, are rapidly gaining performance experience at local haflas. Laura has studied with many of the top names in the genre, and in 2009 was invited to teach and perform in South Africa alongside Sharon Kihara and Sherri Wheatley. Laura finds her inspiration from many sources, drawing not just from the work of the well-known Tribal Fusion dancers of today, but also looking to her roots in Modern Egyptian and back to the old stars of Egyptian belly dance. Laura’s eclectic style, power and love of the quirky and unexpected drives her and her troupe, Sarasvati Tribal, onwards and ever upwards! Sarasvati Tribal are a Tribal Fusion Bellydance troupe based in Glasgow, Scotland, with a reputation for professionalism, innovation and wowing their audience. They have performed at numerous events across Scotland, hosted workshops with international names in bellydance - Sherri Wheatley, Onça O'Leary, Sharon Kihara and Mardi Love. They have also produced two critically acclaimed and successful shows, 2009's 'Extraordinesque!' and 2010' 'The Gaslight Faeries', which were performed in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders, as well as charity fundraising in support of the Marine Conservation Society. Sarasvati also performed as part of 'Club Bellydance' with the Bellydance Superstars, and the Tribal Pura Show featuring Carolena Nericcio in 2012.   Contact E-mail: Official Website: Facebook Page: Twitter Account: