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Mares – Tribal Fusion & American Tribal Style Teacher

Mares - Tribal Fusion & American Tribal Style Teacher
Mares is a dancer, teacher and choreographer who hails from Igualada in Barcelona, Spain. Her dance education began in 1986 at L'Aula, Escola de Dansa, where she studied Classical Dance, Bolero and Flamenco until 2003. Among her teachers was Fernando Lizundia, one of the first dancers of Liceo de Barcelona, as well as Anna Ortiz, an internationally recognised dancer and choreographer. Mares has also studied Contemporary Dance with Mossa García, Jazz with María Jesús Enrique and Hip-Hop with Kanga Valls, who has won multiple awards in international competitions such as the Hip-Hop European Championship. Mares initially studied traditional Belly Dance and then discovered Tribal Fusion through Aisha, with whom she became a tribal fusion teacher. She has attended workshops by Martina Crowe, Anasma, Amy Sigil (UNMATA), Jill Parker, Philippa Moirai, Illan Riviere, Rachel Brice, Morgana, Aisha, Rafael Amargo, Nuria Gallego and many more. Mares is currently leading & performing in the Zion Dance Company. She presently resides and teaches in Malta. Nevertheless, she regularly travels to Spain in order to keep up with her students and persist her classes. Furthermore, she does an interchange with her students from Malta and Spain every year, whereby different shows and performances are held out with her students in both countries. Contact E-mail: Facebook Page: