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Marina D.Ray – Tribal Fusion Teacher & ITS Unmata Style

Marina D.Ray - Tribal Fusion Teacher & ITS Unmata Style
Marina started her Dance adventures in 2001. Dedicated to hard work and discipline, she enjoys challenges and widening her creative horizons. As a dance career, she spent 5 years on training in Latin Dances, completing her teacher's diploma in 2006. Later, moving to Montreal, she left her latin dance career a year after and continued exploring other dance styles. Tribal dance (ITS), Oriental, Contemporary, Modern and Ballet took her heart away. Inspired by moving people's hearts and minds she acquired theater skills and started choreographing and teaching. In 2012 she formed a theatrical dance duo with Audree JM "Ilu Tiamat", in 2014 she formed her first ITS tribal troupe "ITS Alive!". She also played a role in a big Theatrical Fusion project Ritualka directed by Kali Maat Co. (Ritualka - see here). Being a part of multiple creative projects in Canada, she continues to inspire life and deeper wisdom in her teachings and choreographies. Yoga Being a dedicated Yoga and Meditation practicioner since 2000, Marina has trained in different movements of Yoga (among them are Sivananda, Ashtanga, Bikram and Vinyasa yoga styles) and other Spiritual traditions like Zen Buddhism, Gnosticism and Shamanism. . In 2014 she created her own Yoga program "Breath and Detox Yoga", involving Core Strength, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation and Hatha Yoga components. She loves sharing her knowledge and skills and guiding into healthier and more active lifestyles. Love and Peace Contact E-mail: yodeivah@gmail.com Official Website: http://yodeivah.wix.com/moveaware