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Myriam Soler – Tribal Fusion Teacher

Myriam Soler - Tribal Fusion Teacher
Spanish dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. Tribal, Oriental and Flamenco Fusion trainer. Assistant Director in the Studio of Cristiane Azem and Fenicia Dance Company, in which she is also a solo dancer. Myriam started studying Spanish Dance and Flamenco in Jaen (Andalusia) with Agueda Rosales and then with Mara de la Vega and Luciano Galiani in Madrid. Soon she joined the Flamenco group Courage acting in Andalusia. Later, she began her training in oriental dance with world-­‐ renowned dancers. Her first teacher was Claudia Cenci. Since 2006 she has been formed by Master CRISTIANE AZEM, and she currently works in her Dance Company and in her Dance School.  She has knowledges and studies in flamenco, spanish dances, gypsy dances, folklore, oriental and tribal, tribal fusion, hip hop, jazz, yoga, ballet, african, wu-­‐shu for dance, physical theater, contemporary dance and butoh ... Workshops with Sharon Kihara, Kami Liddle, Anasma, Carolina Nericcio, Banafsheh Sayyad, Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmi, Myriam Szabo, Nabil Mabrouk, Mervat Zaza, Amani, Mistri, Tamalyn Dalal, Jose Rodriguez, Elena Ferrari, Sonia Sampayo, Lara Guidetti and Francesco Paccelli, Illan Riviere complete her training. She participated in the telefilm produced by Tele 5: "Masala". With Fenicia Dance Company she has participated in the representation of plays of great public and critical success as Drom, Galata, Aroma Oriental, Mediterranea, Esencia Fenicia, Les Follies. Paris, Berlin, New York and the latest production NIGHT, in theaters in Madrid and other parts of Spain, and Turkey. Myriam was involved the last 2014 in the creation and production of the first Tribal play in Cristiane Azem Studio "Night: The dark night of the soul". Literature and dance working together. M. Shelley, Bram Stoker and damned poets, through tribal fusion dance contemporary cut. She is also developing other projects of interest "Damned Women" and "Zyriab" (with music by Eduardo Paniagua) under the direction of Cristiane Azem. She has also participated as choreographer in Istanbul Blue Night in 2012 and with Mısırlı Ahmet in 2011, 2012, 2014. She is Teacher and Director Assistant in Cristiane Azem Studio.   Contact E-mail: Facebook Page: Official Website: