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Patrizia Pin – Tribal Fusion & American Tribal Style teacher

Patrizia Pin - Tribal Fusion & American Tribal Style teacher Patrizia Pin is a tribal fusion dancer from Monfalcone in the italian North East. She starts dancing in the childhood and never stops; after met bellydance and its fusions in the early 2000 she felt just like she found her own natural thing. Since that moment she studies, performs, teaches and travesl always amazed by the beauty that this art form can create. Her ballet and modern dance background leads her in finding her own style featured by elegance and flowing and unconvetional moves as well as a strong stage presence. Some of the most important moments in her dancing life are the win as Best Performance at Silk Road Project festival in Venice(IT), the european tour with the Manca Pavli´s Amaya Dance Company , international bellydance company based in Ljubljana(SLO) for “Bellydance Infusion Project” show, the co-producing, with the musician Simone D´ Eusanio, Tribal Nova project: Tribal Fusion Bellydance and original live music. In 2014 a video release for “L´Anima Vola” tour 2014 with the italian singer Elisa. Patrizia is part of the Tribal & Bellydance Academy "La Divina Comedia": an art project created by Francesca Pedretti wich blends tribal and theatrical bellydance, featured by some of the most talented tribal artists in Europe and over( In 2015 she toured the Usa to teach and perform in New York City and San Francisco with her collegues Violet Scrap and Alice Giampieri and be honoured to perform at Tribal Fest 2015. Patrizia is also a dance instructor: she teaches Oriental Bellydance and Tribal Fusion in her area and abroad and works as assistant for elementary ballet classes. Contact E-mail: