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Piny Orchidaceae Urban Fusion Bellydance teacher

Piny Orchidaceae - Urban Fusion Bellydance Teacher
Architect. Dancer. Art lover. Movement freak. Endless curiosity. I’ve finished my B.A. in Architecture while I was madly in love with Hip Hop. In 2006 I’ve started a female Hip Hop crew called ButterflieSoulflow. We travelled a lot, we danced, we did graffity, we dj with vinyl records. For some years we were supported by Eastpak and Red Bull Portugal. Cool times battling, practicing together, sharing a lot. I discovered Tribal Fusion Belly Dance in 2007 in NY, while I was immersed in dance classes and music. And I felt in love again. Dance got bigger in my life and the Architect moved slowly to project the body in space more than buildings. I decided to fully dedicate myself to movement and body. In 2009 I finished the B.A. in Contemporary Dance. Melting, researching, creating. Breakdance, Hip Hop, House Dance, Waacking, Vogue. Always travelling, sharing with my people, researching about culture and movement. In 2012 I’ve started Orchidaceae Urban Tribal, a dance project to try to find an impossible answer to all of these. I work as a Contemporary Dancer for other choreographers, splitting my time between my own language and giving my body to others to create. I teach since 2007, and I kind of feel like a restless soul, I need to move between things, to create, to go. This is my journey.   Contact E-mail: piny.orchidaceae@gmail.com
Official website: www.orchidaceaeurbantribal.com Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pinyorchidaceae Instagram Account: orchidaceae_urban_tribal