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Sara Félix – Tribal Fusion Teacher

Sara Félix - Tribal Fusion Teacher
Sara is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and researcher in the field of dance and oriental culture. Degree in Physical Education from PUC-PR University. Founder of Tribal Art project in 2010 where he worked with djs, producers and vj, participating in major electronic music festivals in the country. Today Sara is an active dancer and resident in Zoominimal, a renowned electronic music party in the south. In the midst of his career, Sara has taught workshops in and outside Brazil as in Opa Fest (ARG) in 2013, also participated in major dance events in Brazil to out involving artists from various corners of the world. In his new projects is the production of the show to gather artists and lovers and participation in intensive course The Tribal Massive Spectacular in Las Vegas (USA) in the year 2016. Event whereby, was invited to share the stage with big stars Tribal Fusion, exchanging experiences of the largest ever lived throughout his career. Contact E-mail:s.sarafelix@gmail.com   Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SaraFelixTribal?fref=ts