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Stacey McPartlin – Tribal Fusion teacher

Stacey McPartlin  -  Tribal Fusion teacher Bellydance teacher Instruction & Tuition, Award-winning Tribal Fusion Belly dance Instructor, Performer and Choreographer. Stacey has been studying and performing internationally for the past six years and has trained with superstars Zoe Jakes, Suhaila Salimpour, Dusky Palk, Mags McGarrity, Hilde Cannoot, Alexis Southall, Sharon Kihara, Karolina Lux, Samantha Emmanuel, Ashley Lopez and Rachel Brice. Stacey is the first Phase 1 & 2 Certified bellydancer under Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements in Ireland and is also a Majorette, Fire Performer, Actor, Contemporary dancer and proud member of La Folie Deshabille, a Burlesque Collective. In addition, Stacey is a certified Pilates Instructor, Burlesque Teacher and a Sports & Exercise Nutritional Advisor.
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