Logo-DEf-OTC-Colibrì * For the teachers: an instrument to get your name out there and to do some self-promotion. A way to be in touch with other teachers and to foster new collaborations. A powerful tool for you to increase your web indexing on search engines through the use of specific key words. An instrument that will sponsor events and workshops increasing your visibility for free! All you need is one click, five minutes to fill in the form, press enter and we will do the rest. For submit a teacher profile, click here * For the students: an instrument to locate and find information on teachers and classes near you in the simplest possible way. Be constantly updated about the latest events and workshops of your favorite teachers. Looking for a teacher here * For organizers: a highly specialized website where you can advertise your events linked to the Tribal community, promote and sell workshops or ticket to shows, with direct payment to your Paypal account at the lowest commission on the market. * For teachers and dancers: thanks to the interaction between Youtube and the website it will be possible for you to introduce yourself to the worldwide Tribal community by making a professional video with the help of the OTC staff. The video will be visible both on the website and on the world most visited video channel. Most of the official OTC videos will be shot in Italy. We know that soon or later you will be visiting la bella Italia, so do not hesitate to let us know when you are around! * New students: through the interactive “Find a Teacher” map, the person interested in starting her dancing journey could find her/his nearest teacher, see where, when and what style/s she/he teaches. We will take them by the hands and bring them closer to you. Looking for a teacher here * To sellers and manufacturers of tribal handmade items: the opportunity of creating and managing your own shop on the website and selling your items all around the world. Money will be transferred directly to your Paypal account! (coming soon!) Submit your Vendor Profile Clicking Here

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