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Kamrah – Tribal Fusion Teacher

Kamrah – Tribal Fusion Teacher

Kamrah is a Chicago belly dancer that has performed tribal fusion, American cabaret, Lebanese, and Egyptian belly dance since 2001. She has taught and performed belly dance all over the country. Noted for her creativity and theatricality, she currently performs as a soloist and is a member of Raks Geek (directed by Dawn Xiana Moon), a geek belly dance and fire company based in Chicago that has garnered press from MSN and The Daily Mail, and has been a member of two professional troupes. She is a trained massage therapist, and her knowledge of anatomy enables her to teach students how to dance both powerfully and safely. Her focus is on modular belly dance – extreme isolation to make clean, sharp layering.

Kamrah has 13 years of experience in a variety of martial arts, including kenpo, jiu-jitsu, karate, and kendo; she won third place at Tae Kwon Do World Championships (White Belt) and studied kung fu with Lou Illar (Sidekicks with Chuck Norris). She is also a research scientist with a background in molecular biology, biochemistry, and immunology and currently manages the undergraduate laboratories at a local university.


Contact E-mail: kamrah@tattooedbellydancer.com

Official Website: http://www.tattooedbellydancer.com

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/tattooedkamrah

Twitter Account: http://www.twitter.com/kamrahdancer



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