Sive Fuxia Tribal Fusion and American Tribal Style® bellydance teacher, Sive Fuxia Tribal Fusion and American Tribal Style® one tribal community teacher, Sive Fuxia Tribal Fusion and American Tribal Style® OneTribal Community teacher, Sive Fuxia Tribal Fusion and ATS® OneTribal Community teacher, Via San Biagio 4 Fossalta di Portogruaro Venice 30025 Italy, Via Stazione 9 San Vito al Tagliamento Friuli-Venezia Giulia 33078 Italy

Sive Fuxia – Tribal Fusion and American Tribal Style® Teacher

Sive Fuxia - Tribal Fusion and American Tribal Style® Teacher
Sive started to love dance after seeing and studying Edgar Degas pictures of ballerinas. When she was 12 she started to study classical and modern jazz. She went to London for english studying during the summer and she discovered street dance, break dance and hip hop. She then started to dance in crews and performed in her city venues. She studied with: Igor Castiglia, Paolo Evangelista, Milo Levell, Steve La Chance, Adreé de La Roche. Furthermore during summer vacations she practiced standard dance. Dance and music have always been part of her life, and when she was 16 she already worked in discos. In 1995 she started dancing Salsa as a professional dancer after practising it only as a amateur for two years. So she started to work in a salsa studio as assistant teacher and danced in shows and competitions. In 1998 after a degree in Architecture at Polytechnic of Turin University she moved to Barcelona, Spain, where she have been teaching in many important dancing schools and sport centers: Frontò Colon, Kareli, Ball Centre e Ganduxer and she performed in many latin discos in Barcelona and Catalunya. In 2000 she was invited to represent Barcelona at World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico, so she started an international career. She danced all over the world as a Salsa Ambassador for many years. Her major interest has alway been teaching dance, so she went back to Turin in Italy, where she established a dance school in order to spread her personal teaching method after years of experience as student and dancer. She have been teaching in many international festivals also. In september 2002 she participated at I.D.O. World Salsa Championship of Salsa in Orlando, Florida, among 50 best couples of the world. But her experience and meeting with many different dancers all over the world made her go away from competition and go back to dance as body expression of music out of schemes and rules, and back to basic technique out of classical and modern dance to apply on every kind of dance. She participated in many dance projects as a teacher and choreographer in Italy and abroad. In 2006 she established another studio called Dance Lab near Turin, Italy where she taught Hip Hop, Dance for Children and Salsa and coordinated all the studio's activities. The same year she started her training in Belly Dance studying with international teachers (Aziza Abdul Ridha, Tito Seif, Yousry Sharif, Mohamed Kazafy, Mança Pavli, Mercedes Nieto, Rachel Brice, Les Soeurs Tribales…) and she found in Tribal Bellydance the discipline that includes so many styles and let her use her big and wide experience with the basic technique of dance. In 2011 she decided to close the studio and dedicates herself completely in training as a teacher and as a student. She studies dance, psychology, yoga, self improvement techniques and other skills she think are useful for a dance teacher. In september 2014 Sive establishes a new dance studio in north east of Italy called Fuxia Dance where she can teach and also create a dance community using all the skills she got in a lifetime career in dancing. She also continue in her training and participated to many intensive and training courses with: Rachel Brice, Manca Pavli, Isabel de Lorenzo, Mardi Love, Wendy Allen.. Now she is teaching Tribal Fusion and ATS (FCBD format).   Contact E-mail: Official Website: Facebook Page: