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Ayperi Genneyya Tribal Fusion Teacher

Ayperi Genneyya - Tribal Fusion Teacher
I have been running troupes and teaching since 2005 when I broke away from my first teacher, who was teaching and performing in Oriental-style bellydance. I joined a Tribal Fusion bellydance troupe called Ashar Dance Company and learned stylizations that are specific to Tribal Fusion. I also studied ATS (FatChance method) to understand the roots of this beautiful style, and I hope to someday become FatChance certified. Although initially I was teaching across styles, for the past 7 years I have focused on Tribal Fusion Bellydance with a weekly drills drop in class and a student troupe called Aylin. In the past few years, Aylin has expanded to work with props such as fire fingers, sword balancing, and zills. I also teach American Tribal Style (FatChance method) and run another student troupe with students from that class focused on improvising in ATS called Aydan.         Contact E-mail: ayperi@ayperibellydance.com Official Website: www.ayperibellydance.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ayperi.bellydancer