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Beatrice Secchi Tribal Fusion Teacher

Beatrice Secchi - Tribal Fusion Teacher
Beatrice has undertaken since young a double path linked to the learning of dance and art education. Following a competitive path in track and field (Atletica Bergamo) she approaches the martial arts studying constantly the Chinese discipline of Wushu with the brothers Architetti, (G.S.W. Gruppo studi [Study group] Wushu-Kung in Bergamo). Fascinated by the urban dance, she assiduously studies Hip Hop and Break Dance at the technical and choreographic levels; these studies represent a launching pad for a great passion: the Dancehall (Jamaican Dance). During her stay in Portugal, in Lisbon, Beatrice studies and works at the dance school Estúdio de Dança Sétima Posição, practicing Capoeira with Elizio "Grilo” Gomes, Afro Dance with Mark Ndau, Belly Dance with Cris Aysel and Indian dance with Ekanta Bhakti. When she came back to Italy, she keeps studying Belly Dance and improving her technical and theoretical knowledge through studying Ghawazi, Fallahi, Sharki with veil, classical oriental dance, wings of Isis, and Baladi; she also continues the Afro Dance with the Afro-French dancer Nadege Sellou Sordet, an eclectic, powerful and delicate artist, extraordinary interpreter of the traditional dance of central Africa and Ivory Coast, to learn technique, posture and spirit of the African dance. In December 2010 she takes part in the last team “Ragga jam Italia” in Mestre (Venice – Italy) of Laure Courtellemont. Later, thanks to her study with international dancers such as Alessandra Traversari (Alevanille, Italy) and Swaggie Maggie (Germany), she learns new aspects of the Jamaican dance Dancehall. In December 2012 she studies with the Jamaican dancer Crazy Hype (Kingston, Jamaica), of M.O.B.; in 2013 she studies with Sri - Lanka (Kingston, Jamaica). Again, in Europe, she studies with Blacka di Danca (USA) and Melpo Mellz (Greece – Sweden). In 2014 she studies with Shelly Belly (Bermuda Squad), Colo Colo, Famous and Cool Kid (Colo Squad), with White Out Dancers, BG Dancers and Black Eagles, Orville and Dansa Bling. In 2015 she takes part in the event “Shoes Off” in Rome by studying with Dansa Bling, Ovamarz and Matthew Shady Squad. In 2012 she starts to organize international workshops, inviting in Bergamo and Milan artists of the calibre of Blacka di Danca (USA, NY), Melpo Mellz (Sweden-Greece) and Alevanille (Italy), Andre Cosmic (Jamaica, Kingston), Kimiko Miller (Jamaica, Kingston) and Latonya Style (Jamaica, Kingston). In December 2014 she creates the first edition of “Dancing for Alpha Boys”, a workshop for charity purposes to collect funds later sent to Father Todd, at the Alpha Boys School of Kingston (Jamaica). She is invited to hold several workshops in Bergamo, Lecco (Bombomatt Reggae Festival, Scigalott of Acquate, Circolo Arci Pintupi, “Dancehall Again” various editions), in Milan (at the event for charity purposes “Beat For Leukemia” in favour of the leukemia research, with Monica Mariano in 2013, 2014, 2015), in Monza (at asd Studio Danza). In January 2015 she is invited in Rome by Alevanille to hold a lecture related to the Dancehall and the traditional Jamaican dances. In July 2015 she goes to Lecce to hold a workshop on the occasion of the event “Battle for Heel” at Aurora Rah. From 2009 she works together with the Association Bergamoreggae, taking care of the choreographic performances related to dance during music events and some theoretical meetings (Bergamoreggae University). Essential is the preparation of the section related to the dance of the “Sunfest” the annual reggae-dancehall music festival in Bergamo supervised by Bergamoreggae, active in the territory and at its 7th edition. In May 2015 she is invited at the Festival of urban dances Big Bang Street Zone 2015, at its 8th edition, as a teacher and competition judge for the dancehall category, 2 VS 2 and groups. In May 2014 she goes to Kingston (Jamaica) where she undertakes a unique experience through the exclusive project “Kingston Tek Ova” managed by Sabrina Lombardi. During this trip she studies the traditional Jamaican African-style dances such as Bruckins, Dinki Mini and Kumina, as well as the Dancehall in its original context. She particularly studies with dancers that constituted the history of dancehall, never come to Europa. She goes to the places where they live to study with them and visit the cultural places of Downtown Kingston. She deeply knows the cultural dynamics that allowed the birth of this dance and takes part in video clips of artists of the calibre of Junior Reid (Kingston,1963). When she comes back, she continues her anthropological and ethnomusicology research linked to Jamaica and its cultural African roots, through a research doctorate. Beyond the study of the Jamaican dance, in these years, likewise important is the study of the Tribal Fusion dance, thanks to the meeting and study, in Italy and abroad, with great teachers: Suhaila Salimpour, Manca Pavli, Sera Solstice, April Rose, Kami Liddle, Jill Parker, Amy Sigil & Unmata, Ashley Lopez, Rachel Brice, Samantha Emanuel. She takes part as a soloist in the "Tribal Fusion Roots”, show organized by Alma Oriental in the person of Eva Tallada at the Theatre Sala Cassanç in Barcelona, on the occasion of the arrival of Jill Parker to town in 2014. She takes part as a soloist with a choreography that merges for the first time in an original way the Tribal Fusion dance with the Dancehall at the show “Tribal Fusion Express” organized by Sciahina in Rome, at the Theatre "Luigi Guanella" in 2015. She create a new fusion – “Dancehall Tribal Style” – and she’s working on this one to improve her style with new contaminations. She has created a new fusion grafting moves taken from Dancehall and Jamaican Traditional Folk Forms on Tribal Fusion technique. Alongside the training path in the urban and oriental dance, she graduates at the State Art High School of Bergamo with the highest grade and achieves the degree in Science of Cultural Heritage with the renowned Professor Gianfranco Fiaccadori at Università degli Studi di Milano [University of Milan]. She ends the master’s degree program in Art History and Critic at the same faculty achieving a degree in Cultural Heritage law with the Professor Leonardo Salvemini. In January 2012 she establishes the association Americana Exotica – Danza & Cultura (UISP) [Dance & Culture], for educational and cultural purposes, through which she has been actively operating in the Italian territory since 2012 promoting dancing courses, international workshops and exhibitions. She has regularly taught dance since 2009; in Bergamo at the Academy of Capoeira of Bergamo and at the CUS Centro Universitario Sportivo [Sport University Centre] of Dalmine (Bergamo - Italy), in Milan at the Corte Regina. Official website:

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