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Tigerlily – Tribal Fusion and American Tribal Style® Teacher

Tigerlily - Tribal Fusion and American Tribal Style® Teacher
Hello my name is Tigerlily I am a Tribal Fusion Bellydance Teacher based in Scotland and I have a General Basic FatChance Bellydance certificate and a BTEC level in Professinal Stage Dance. I love traveling and meeting new people, sharing knowledge through workshops, performance stage presence and I also love organising shows and teacher events to come to Scotland. I started Tribal Fusion Bellydance in 2005 when seeing the Bellydance Superstars performing their show in Edinburgh with Rachel Brice and Sharon Kihara. I started learning Tribal Fusion from their performance DVD as there wasn't any Tribal Fusion Teachers in Scotland at that point. I continue to follow them in Raqs Britannia till 2010 to gain more knowledge about Tribal Fusion Bellydance. I still continue to experience, learn and love in what I do.    

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