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Anna Sollini - ATS® Teacher and FCBD® Sister Studio®

Anna Sollini - ATS® Teacher and FCBD® Sister Studio®
Anna is a co - director at school of American Tribal Style Belly Dance® and a registered Sister Studio instructor of the Fat Chance Belly Dance ® dance format. She completed her General skills certificate in Gothenberg, Sweden in 2012 and Teacher Training certificate in Essex, UK in 2014. A renowned U.K based belly dance performer, Anna moved to Mallorca in December 2015 and became the founder of ATS® Mallorca, the first certifed Sister Studio on the island! Anna has over 5 years’ experience in teaching FCBD® style Tribal Belly Dance and until moving to Mallorca, alongside her dance partner and co-director, Denise Piggin, taught 2 very successful weekly belly dance classes in Nottingham. Some of Anna and Denises previous students have since become recognised teachers and performers in their own right! In the past 5 years, Anna has regularly performed with the professional troupe Koyuki and assisted with co-ordinating the performances for the Nottingham Tribal Belly Dance class student troupe, Yakshini. During her thirteen year romance with ATS®, Anna has studied studied with many well-known dancers such as Worldwide Belly Dance superstar Samantha Emmanuel, Kristine Adams, Deana Lawman and Phillipa Moirai and has performed all over the UK; from yearly performances at Barefoot Festival, Southwell Festival and Chesterfield Canal Festival to one off appearances at music events, haflas, bars and restaurants....even once being invited to perform with fire in Djemaa el –Fna square in Marrakesh Morocco! But that’s not half the story to this stunning performer. Anna has been an accomplished fire performer for over a decade often booked for weddings and events and recently became a respected and recognized ATS® sword teacher in the UK. Anna has taught the Davina Tribal Collective sword ATS format at workshops and dance residential weekends all over the UK in the past 3 years. Anna has recently set up weekly ATS classes in Son Caliu, Palmanova on Thursdays at 19.00. Contact for more information, classes or performance booking.  

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