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Ita Fuček - Tribal Fusion Teacher

Ita Fuček - Tribal Fusion Teacher After growing up in and with sports, I have settled for dance as a substitute for more intense sport related activities about 6 years ago (around 2000). After falling in love with dance in general (which I found to be very similar to my previous interests as far as movement logic goes) I began training Egyptian Oriental Dance (this also included oriental pop and oriental folklore). After a relatively short period of time I moved on to Tribal Fusion and Bharatanatyam as I found those styles to be more suited to my interests. I had to abandon Bharatanatyam after one year of training as my time schedule did not allow the pursuit of this difficult dance form further. I am, however, grateful to this dance form for furthering my strength, coordination and sense of body in space. Bharatanatyam is still a source of inspiration. After moving away from Egyptian Oriental Dance and Bharatanatyam I decided to turn solely towards Tribal Fusion and specialize for scimitars as props (baladi and tribal steel scimitars). I am a founder, trainer and leader of a small dance troupe “Walde” (the troupe now has 10 performing members and a smaller number of students) – in our vocabulary we use Tribal Fusion, ATS, Indian Fusion, Dark Fusion, theatrical performance and a variety of props. My entire work revolves around "Walde" (developing solo performers through individual work with dancers, developing group choreographies and arrangements, preparing new members for performance, teaching new skills to group members as well as teaching new skills from acquired group members who came to us with a specific set of skills or knowledge). Walde also love experimenting with absolutely everything we can think of. I am very inclined to group work and management and would not enjoy being a soloist at all. I also prefer group performances (because of the energy of the group) and enjoy solo performances significantly less. As the group began to get recognition in our local environment, we have decided to try and introduce ourselves outside our local borders. Two things define the group (and my work) the most: - a strong focus on scimitars as props - inspiration drawn from folklore, oriental folklore and ATS
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