IMG_3442nMary Ann – Tribal Fusion, American Tribal Style® Teacher I have started to dance oriental belly dance at the age of 19, after years of practicing rhythmic gymnastics and ballet. I’ve attended the first classes in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), where I come from. Two years after, in 2009, I’ve seen my first Tribal Fusion teacher (Carol Schavarosk) performing and I immediately fell in love with this dance style. Since then I’ve regularly attended to Tribal dance classes. In Rio de Janeiro I performed with the VLAX Tribal Group for 3 years. In 2011, I started to study also ATS® with the Sister Studio Aline Oliveira. When I moved to Germany in 2012, my teachers were then Patricia Zarnovican and Elena Sapega. After two years of 3 hours long weekly travels to attend the dance classes in Hannover, I have decided to keep studying on my own and start a Dance Group. So now, since October 2014 I’ve been teaching Tribal Fusion and ATS® in Braunschweig (Germany). I now take online classes on Datura and I have also made both levels (1 and 2) of ATS® on-line classes with Carolena Nericcio, available at Powhow, as well as the FCBD® DVDs. Moreover, during all these years I have attended to workshops with famous dancers from different countries like Sharon Kihara, Mardi Love, Ariellah Afflalo, Amy and Sherry Sigil, Lady Frederique, Jill Parker (USA); Nanda Najla, Carol Shavaroski, Kilma Farias, Nadja el Balady, Jhade Sharif (Brazil); Samantha Emmanuel, Alexis Southall (UK), Violet Scrap, Lamia Barbara, Isabel de Lorenzo (Italy), Mohamed El Hosseny (Egypt), Arzo (Germany) and others.
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